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AdRBT is a new broadcast medium that enables advertisers to reach millions of captive targeted subscribers on their mobile phones. As with television and radio, AdRBT is a broadcast medium. Campaign results are accurately measured and offers great ROI for brands. User-friendly campaign booking and management platform.


  • No wasted Ad spend!
  • The platform to easily book and manage campaigns
  • Great reach made available at a cost effective price
  • High frequency
  • A cost-effective medium with excellent ROI
  • Advertisers have access to measurable, cost effective campaigns
  • Regular detailed reports on campaign results
  • A focused medium

Research conducted by Ask Africa showed that 86% of consumers exposed to the A-Tones:

  • Had high recall of the message afterwards
  • Did not find the advertising intrusive

We offer a fully integrated solution through our A-Tones booking platform. To start advertising today, click here.

Audio content Requirements


The duration of the typical ring‐back tone is 12 seconds. However, the first six (6) and the second (6) seconds of the advertising message are the most important portion of the message. The last part of the A-Tone is about a charitable cause of choice and more generic info on a campaign.

Audio file production

MP3 Format
Ringco could create the content for you. We supply the copy, sound and voice.
Alternatively we could support the creative agency to produce the content.
Your current radio campaign content could also be modified for AdRBT use.

Audio file duration and specification

AdRBT audio requirement Audio files should be created as per our specification
Audio files must be approved well in advance of campaigns