Ringco - Tone & Win

What is Tone & Win?

Tone & Win

Our Tone-and-Win program includes a standard broadcast as well as an endorsement program.

The standard broadcast product is available to subscribers where brands promote themselves in standard Ringback adverts.

The endorsement program is where brand advertising on the Ringback call agree to offer a percentage of ad spend to a worthy cause, such as conservation, welfare or other advocacy issue.

Our Ringco AdRBT program addresses the needs of subscribers

There are two ways that AdRBT can be sold based on the brands' objective:

  1. Stand-alone with no DTMF (press *) call to action or any interaction from the listener.
  2. With a call to action: This option requests the caller to press a key (DTMF) if he is interested in receiving more information, or performing a further activity. The information is sent typically via SMS, where a new sequence of events can be managed and monitored through the campaign management platform.

Subscribers could press "1" for an informative SMS and "3" for a call back on the product or service that was advertised without affecting the original call made. Brands could interact with subscribers in a very effective interactive way.