Ringco - AdRBT-4-ALL Explained


Ringco's AdRBT-4-All service offers a unique opportunity to Mobile Network Operators to capitalise on their already deployed RBT infrastructure, including the following benefits:

  • A fully managed service including seamless integration into the Operators' existing RBT platform
  • Maximisation of revenue through strategic partners, including media groups
  • A commercial proposition that requires no capital investment
  • A customised subscriber adoption and incentive program for each market
  • Profiling and management of the subscriber database on the subscriber adoption portal
  • Management of the advertising inventory
  • Management of all the strategic partners
  • User-friendly interface for Network Operators and Advertisers
  • High quality, suitable ad content and ongoing content management
  • Provision of detailed reports to the Network Operator on a regular basis

What subscribers say about Ringco's AdRBT service:

Research conducted in South Africa concluded that:

86% of callers that listen to Ringco's advertising tones have high recall of the message and are satisfied with the:

Ask Afrika
  • Rotation of the ads suited to their profile
  • Clarity of the message
  • Quality of the content
  • Length of the advertising message

94% of the respondents preferred hearing the Advertising Ring Tones instead of the normal ring tones when making a phone call.

70% of the callers have similar profiles to the person being called.

AdRBT 4 All solution process


AdRBT campaign management platformAdRBT Campaign Management Platform

An easy to use WEB portal to plan, book and manage an entire mobile marketing campaign in just a few easy steps. This interface provides secure access to the relevant advertising media stakeholders. A user-friendly dashboard shows all scheduled, historic and active campaigns. The campaign results and ROI are easily measured on a regular basis.

Inventory management of advertisingInventory Management of Advertising

Compilation of a detailed campaign plan in accordance with the target market, together with a detailed budget break down.

Profile matcherProfile Matcher

The profile matcher allows advertisers to select their target audience according to advertiser objectives and needs.

DTMF Call to action for interactive campaignsDTMF Call to Action for Interactive Campaigns

For interactive campaigns with a call to action, the advert can request the caller to press a key (DTMF). For example, the caller can press "1" for an informative SMS and "3" for a call back if he/she is interested in receiving more information about the brand being advertised. The informative SMS creates a new sequence of events that can be managed and monitored through the campaign management platform.

Workflow managementWorkflow Management

Step by step work-flow indicators are made available to Advertisers to help monitor progress and next steps in order to plan, book and manage each campaign successfully.

Content creation of adverts through AD-FactoryContent Creation of Adverts through AD-Factory

AdRBT-4-All assists with the production of content for each campaign through our easy to use AD-Factory section on the platform. Content approval before execution of the campaign also takes place within the AD-Factory to ensure high quality Ring Tone Adverts.

Subscriber portalSubscriber Portal

The subscriber interface provides a WAP/ WEB or USSD portal for subscribers to opt- in and out of the service. Subscribers can create and edit their profiles, choose topics of interest, view the selection of ads to be played based on their profiles and submit complaints and comments.

A benefit and incentive program is linked to the Subscriber Portal.  Subscribers earn points that can be used to enter competitions such as "Spin-and-Win".

Reports to the operatorReports to the Operator

Detailed reporting and analytics including a live dashboard, giving extensive standard and customisable reports.

Reports to the advertiserReports to the Advertiser

Detailed reports that are available during the campaign, enable the advertiser to view/pause/edit campaigns while in progress, making it easier to reach objectives. Reports after each campaign will be delivered to the advertiser for easy reconciliation of billing and invoicing for all parties involved.

Media plan & budget allocationMedia Plan and Budget Allocation

The media planning wizard can suggest a Media Plan for a campaign based on the advertiser's input on variables such as budget, campaign objectives and targeting criteria (such as subscriber demographics).

Business process managementBusiness Process Management

Business process management, such as order forms, copy instructions and invoices form part of the campaign booking workflow system. All the workflow related to the setup and planning of campaigns are managed on the platform.

Creative managementCreative Management

Creative content is managed through a structured workflow process to ensure approval by the relevant stakeholders. The creative content (Audio files) goes through several stages of approval and are managed by a content administrator.

Subscriber managementSubscriber Management

The availability of an opt-in subscriber community and profile builder that allows for better targeting. Subscriber management will take place on a continuous basis ensuring subscribers remain engaged, which will include offering exclusive benefits to retain subscribers on the Win-and-Give program.