A New and Innovative Revenue Stream for Network Operators 

AdRBT 4 AllAdvertising Ring Back Tones (AdRBT) are a new broadcast medium that enables marketers to run short adverts, instead of the normal Ring Back Tone, while a caller is waiting for their call to be answered.

Ringco offers a one stop fully-managed service that ensures maximum monetization of the service.

Every day billions of seconds of broadcast space is going to waste globally. The mobile advertising market is growing rapidly with revenues heading toward multi-billion dollar levels.

AdRBT presents a new opportunity for networks to capitalise on this market. Our AdRBT-4-All platform seamlessly integrates with any RBT platform.

What is unique about AdRBT?

AdRBT is a cost effective, focused medium with great reach. Consumers are rewarded for participation and for allowing ads to be broadcast to their friends and colleagues. The results from all AdRBT campaigns are measurable, offering great return on investment (ROI). AdRBT is also a captive and entertaining advertising medium with viral growth.

Mobile Marketing Association - AdRBT whitepaper
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